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June 05, 2008



Tell Arnis I said hello and am sorry to hear about Uncle Ernie. I didn't know grandpa Joe went back to Latvia to visit. I hope to get to see Latvia some day. Are you picking up some of the language?

Karen Sorensen

How fun it is to read your blog, see the photos and even a video and stay tuned into your travels! Rija sounds fabulous and what you say about Latvians and the Great Lakes makes a lot of sense. How wonderful to be returning to your roots. Enjoy your trip out and about. Can't wait to read more!
Love to you both, K & C
P.S. We want to see some photos of you Sandy!



Yes, Grandpa Joe went back to Latvia in the 70s when you were just a baby I think. Or maybe you were a toddler--you were quite young, still living on Delaware Blvd.

I have been picking up a bit of Latvian! Some words I knew but forgot have come back, and I picked up some new ones too. Here in Sweden now, I want to say "paldies" instead of "tack"!

You have to come to Latvia! You will see that you look VERY Latvian!

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